Committed to sustainable living

With sustainable partners and planet-friendly amenities, we’re committed to providing a bespoke operations management service and unparalleled rental experiences with long-term value.

Transforming London rentals whilst protecting the environment

We work with sustainable partners to manage our in-house operations. The majority of our property amenities are eco-friendly and we’re working hard towards making all of them better for the planet.

Sourcing local products

We source British products where we can, supporting the local community and protecting ecosystems – from toiletries to coffee to chocolate. Our properties come with One Water water bottles, fully compostable WWF coffee, Ecover dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid, bamboo toilet paper from Cheeky Panda, ECO-BOUTIQUE cosmetics and organic tea from Joe’s Tea.

WWF coffee capsules

We are partnered with the WWF – the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. WWF coffee pods are more than just compostable coffee pods. Instead of harmful aluminum and plastic pods, the WWF coffee pods are fully recyclable and biodegradable, including the lid and seal.

More of what we do

Committed to renewable energy

We’re on a mission to provide 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas in all of our properties.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’re committed to having a fully electric fleet by 2023 - driving improvements in London’s air quality.

Planet-friendly cleaning products

We work with Janitorial Express making sure our cleaning equipment is all safe and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable merchandise

We work with Fluid Branding to create all our merchandise. For every order we place, they plant a tree!