Property maintenance services in London

As part of our award-winning operations solutions, we offer extensive property maintenance services. We have a trusted network of maintenance staff across London who we manage entirely in-house – so you can benefit from a consistent service with professional quality, all while controlling costs.

Our property maintenance services

If your property is not 100% up to our standards, we can take it on and improve it. Our team of design specialists can handle both the small and bigger things, bringing your property up to its full potential.

Electricians and plumbers

We work with a team range of individual electricians and plumbers to keep your properties functional and safe.

General handymen

Whether it’s quick repairs, painting or gardening, our handymen have the skills and craftsmanship to look after any property quickly and to the highest standard.

Niche services

In addition to our trusted teams who we manage in-house, we also have a list of preferred suppliers who that we outsource specialised services to when needed.

Other maintenance services we provide

We provide an all-rounded service that boosts income and reduces unnecessary costs for all our partners.

In addition to general maintenance tasks, we also cover additional services such as guttering, drainage, locksmiths and pest control. If we outsource, we use teams who we trust and have worked with for years.

We conduct proactive checks

We take health and safety very seriously and provide residents and partners full peace of mind throughout the duration of any stay.

Our dedicated team conducts regular checks to troubleshoot empty properties and actively report any issues that arise. We do everything we can to make sure that residents and partners never have to deal with property-related problems.

We even help with redecoration

We’re committed to getting the most out of every property. When we take on new portfolios, we offer redecoration services so that properties can give a great first impression and attract a high volume of quality residents. We even offer full repainting as well as quick repairs to give your properties a fresh look.