Private rental

We are London’s leading operations management company using proprietary technology built especially to cater to private rental needs such as co-living and build-to-rent. At City Relay Solutions, we understand the touch points that make a difference.

Our services

We offer a full range of services to meet your needs – all of which are backed by our industry leading technology, DRIVE, providing total transparency over your portfolio’s performance, as well as an overview of all operational activities.

Reduced operational costs

DRIVE is more efficient than the work of an entire team - all operations are automated through the platform to reduce human error, enhance tracking and save on operational costs.

Full property management solution

Our end-to-end range of services are managed entirely in-house. With us, you benefit from extensive local knowledge, a great network of reliable contacts and solutions to any challenges you face.

1:1 support

We offer each client a dedicated team leader and provide 1:1 support – a level that’s unmatched in our industry.

Why our clients choose us

Our industry leading, purpose-built technology, DRIVE, seamlessly automates any housekeeping or maintenance jobs that come up, proving full visibility over everything that goes on with our clients’ portfolio.

Full transparency

Always stay in the know with your portfolio’s performance – DRIVE provides you with a full overview of bookings and reports on activities related to your property, including compliance and maintenance.

Quality of service

We ensure our 5* team delivers services in a cost efficient and seamless way - and to the highest standard.

Full integration into your systems

DRIVE can integrate with other leading build-to-rent property management systems and offers a range of reporting and live job tracking that enables our clients to manage large portfolios and rapid growth.


Co-Living is a new market that is growing in popularity, and we predict it will become a major supplier of housing in London over the next 5 years. We want to be part of that story, providing a cost-effective solution for our clients.

We respect the specific requirements of each client, and we ensure we deliver our services in a way that enhances that brand experience for the tenants.


DRIVE, our operational platform, can scale as fast as the market it serves. In 2022, the forecast pipeline of BTR homes in London is circa 5000 units and no property management operator in the City, apart from us, is able to support such ambitious expansion.

We recognise that for any developer in this market, there is the requirement to start driving revenue from the blocks as soon as the units are ready, and we are here to help activate short let income from day 1, while also providing property management and long-let tenant support.

In addition, we can partner with developers by being written into the lease agreement as the designated short let provider and therefore ensure that ancillary revenues can be fed back into the servicing of the building.