Co-Living Clients

Co-Living is a new market that is growing in popularity and we predict it will become a major supplier of housing in London over the next 5 years. We want to be part of that story, providing a cost effective solution for our clients.

At City Relay Solutions we understand the touch points that make a difference to co-living tenant communities. We respect the specific requirements of each client and we ensure we deliver our services in a way that enhances that brand experience for the tenants.

Who do we work with?

At City Relay Solutions, we work with:

  • Recognised and reputable co-living brands
  • Brands with properties located in in Central London
  • Brands with a diverse portfolio of properties across the City, such as Noiascape and Lyvly

Our services

We provide a complete property management service to ensure the comfort of the tenants, and on top of this, we offer a short let service to maximise occupancy and income by filling void periods.

In order to maintain the quality of these services, we offer each client a dedicated team leader whose responsibility it is to train all members of the team who visit their properties. This ratio of 1:1 support is unmatched in our industry.

Why our clients choose us

Co-Living brands are passionate about service and technology, with apps being used as an essential interface for their tenants to request services such as housekeeping and maintenance. We deliver these services in a cost efficient and seamless manner that builds loyalty and trust with their tenants.

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