Our professional handyman service

As part of our professional property maintenance services, we have a trusted network of general handymen across London who we manage in-house. We have worked with many of our partners for years to guarantee a consistent, high-quality and cost effective service.

How our handymen look after your properties

Proactive checks

Our dedicated team conducts regular proactive checks on empty properties to actively report and fix any issues before they’re seen by the residents. They also take care of any odd jobs that crop up.

Customer service training

In addition to being trained professionals in home maintenance and special services, our handymen are customer service trained to make sure guests have a pleasant experience and receive service that is up to our partners’ standards.

Live task reports

Thanks to DRIVE, our operations management platform, you have a bird’s eye view on everything going on with your portfolio. In just a few clicks, you can track every handyman job, how much it costs, what was done, what the result is and if any further work needs to take place.

Fully insured tradesmen

Our team of handymen are fully insured and thoroughly vetted by us. They are equipped to tackle any job, from home repair to furniture assembly to light fittings. They are multi-skilled professionals trained to do the best job job they can on every task they’re given.