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Behind the scenes: Interview with Monika, our Housekeeping Manager

Monika joined City Relay Solutions a year and a half ago, as our Housekeeping Manager. Her role oversees a large part of the process that goes on backstage at City Relay Solutions which is to prepare each property ready for the next guest. The aim is to ensure our clients are happy, and their guests have the best stay possible and each home is looked after like our own. We’ve had the pleasure to interview such a core member of our team and we hope you enjoy discovering more about her!


So, Monika, tell me a little bit about yourself.

(Monika) I am originally from Poland, and I grew up there. When I was 4, my mum took me to the dance school. It quickly became a huge passion of mine and I’ve stuck to this adventure for the following 16 years. I started working as a dancer and choreographer, but then I craved new challenges and decided it was time to move to the UK to pursue other goals. 


Do you like it here? What is the best thing about living in the UK?

(Monika) When I first moved here, I lived in a small town called Ashford, in Kent. To be honest, after only 3 months my partner and I wanted a busier life and we decided to move to London. What I like the most in London at the moment is the dancers’ community who gathers once per week in the London Bridge area to exchange their skills and dance together. That’s just amazing to me to be able to see so many famous London-based choreographers joining these events and be able to talk to them and dance together.


You said you started working as a dancer. Being a Housekeeping Manager is quite different. What attracted you to the role and to City Relay Solutions?

(Monika) My previous job, which I took when moving to the UK, was also Housekeeping Manager but in a much smaller short let management company. After a year working there, I felt stuck and as the company wasn’t really growing or looking for any improvements, I therefore started to look for job offers on Hosco. Once I saw City Relay Solutions advert and did my research about the company, I knew it had to be my next step. To me, City Relay Solutions was a young, fast-growing company with many opportunities and this is what really attracted me. After my second stage interview, I wasn’t really confident about getting that role but well…here I am! 🙂


And it’s great to have you on the team! Could you tell me more about what you do on an everyday basis?

(Monika) Everything! (she starts laughing) The Housekeeping Department is very challenging, but as a Manager, I really enjoy developing it and bringing it to the next level step by step. There’s nothing better than hearing comments from happy clients, in-house teammates, or other companies who we run operations for. I need to mention my amazing team: Camila, Cristina, Cosmin and Jeremy ❤️. They are a great support to me even when I am pushing them to the limits to be sure we are delivering impeccable service.


Housekeeping - City Relay Solutions


Talking about your team, could you describe it in 3 words?

Hard-working, supportive, and creative!


Now, what does the perfect day look like to you?

(Monika) I think I am a bit of a workaholic and I really enjoy a well organised day at City Relay Solutions. It’s so nice when everything goes smoothly! Then, in the evening, I’d relax with a hot bath.


It seems like you are a very active person. What do you like to do in your free time?

(Monika) I definitely love live music and all events where there are bands or concerts. If there are any dance events, you can be sure to meet me there singing out of tune and occupying the dance floor  


You definitely never stop! Nonetheless, if you had to take a break, where would your dream vacation be and why?

(Monika) My dream is to spend a vacation exploring the Amazon rainforest. I am a nature lover and spending vacations in wild jungles and seeing many species for the first time would be so exciting. I am sad when I think what is happening at the moment there and feel angry against world leaders who do not take any radical action.


It is heartbreaking indeed, and it looks like one of the biggest challenges our generation will have to face: create awareness and care for the environment. So far, what have been your biggest challenges? 

(Monika) My biggest life challenge is definitely my own ambition. I am always trying to solve everything myself and do not bother anyone with my issues. At City Relay Solutions, I think the most challenging is adapting to all the procedures and systems as fast as the company is growing. To this extent, I have to praise our Director of Operations, Pedro Carrico. I never met anyone that dedicated to their team. I know that, for any struggle of mine, I can come to him and he will guide me in the right direction.


It is so nice to see how hard-working and focused you are on facing new challenges! I know you’re always very busy, so I’d like to thank you for your time. Before we go back to work, is there anything you’d like to add?

(Monika) I’d just like to say how happy I am to be apart of City Relay Solutions, besides all the hassles which I am facing sometimes. The Operations Team, which includes Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Guest Relation departments, is my second family. These people are just amazing and I couldn’t imagine a better workplace for myself.

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