About City Relay Solutions

We are London’s No 1 Outsourced Operations Provider and our mission is to transform the London short term accommodation market into a sustainable and profitable industry for all.


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What we do

We enable success through smart tech

We strive to partner with our clients and become an extension of their operation, allowing clients to leverage our unique capabilities and expertise to achieve their ultimate business goals. We believe their success is our success.

We are leading the transformation by developing new technology and new processes that power our market leading solutions. Our proprietary platform ‘DRIVE’ enables our clients to reach profitability and grow their portfolios faster than the competition.


Sustainability is at the core of our business

City Relay Solutions is on a mission to become carbon-neutral and minimise our impact on the environment while also supporting local communities and businesses.

We have introduced initiatives across the business to meet our sustainability goals. From compostable coffee pods to electric-powered vans, we’ve gone green.

Partnerships with like-minded brands such as One Water, The Eden Project, Ecover and First Mile recycling are behind our continued efforts to deliver an environmentally-friendly operational service to our clients and their customers.

Our eco-friendly partners

We purchase products and services from sustainable providers.


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